Guide to Adult Travel in Colombia


The following report details adult travel in Colombia.  It includes information about prostitutes in Cartagena.  This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives.  If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.


Cartagena/Barranquilla Colombia


The Photo’s are stills taken from a video camera.  No nudes and no intimate chica details.  For this report a conversion rate of 1USD=2000CP was used.  Actual rate I got from bank machines varied between 2100-2110CP per USD.  I would say my success rate with the bank machines was about 50%.  Just kept trying till I found one that worked.  They are everywhere.  I seemed to have the best luck with machines connected to the plus network. 



Alvaro D’Achiardi Viteri, Taxi Service-Tour Guide based in Barranquilla

From US dial 011-57-5-368-1802 between 10pm-12am EST to speak with him directly.

Pager 349-0499 code 39253, person will answer and ask for code.  You then give them the text message to send to his pager. 

I highly recommend Alvaro.  His english is excellent and he ALWAYS arrived at least 5 minutes before the agreed upon time.  Not only did he provide transportation but was invaluable for helping make my hotel arrangements in Barranquilla and Cartagena.  He will charge you a nominal fee for all the extra services including making the hotel reservations.  He took me to the two recommended clubs in Barranquilla called La Zona Rosa and Lucitania.  I paid for all the cover charges, tips, drinks etc. but did not realize he was still on the clock and charged me something like $5 per hour for his time.  I didn’t mind too much because he was a great help and made my initial introduction to Colombia a smooth one. 


The Barranquilla clubs are kind of pricey relatively speaking.  Lucitania had better quality and was not quite as dark as La Zona Rosa.  Both blast you with music.  Most girls seemed to have professional attitudes. I’m not big on these kinds of places so I can’t really recommend either unless you need to get laid and don’t mind splurging a bit.  I believe the cover at Lucitania was $5 and it cost $30 to take out a girl.  You can also do shortime on the premises.  Most of the girls will probably go for $50 ST.  Prices are less at La Zona Rosa but you get what you pay for.


Barranquilla Hotels:

I stayed in the Barranquilla Plaza ($47.50) my first night and the El Prado($50) my last night.  No problems bringing a chica back at the Barranquilla Plaza.  Never tried at the El Prado.  Saw a room at Puerta Del Sol but no availability.  If they did have any availability it would have been about $47.50.  More on weekdays.  I would say that the rooms at Barranquilla Plaza and Puerta Del Sol are both equal in quality.  The Colombian national soccer team was staying at Barranquilla Plaza the same night I was there.  The president of Colombia arrived at the El Prado a few minutes before I did so they had the red carpet rolled out along with armed guards everywhere.   I figured that if the hotel was good enough for him then it was good enough for me.  Wrong!   The room I stayed in was a disappointment.   It was a bit old, small and basic.  I’m assuming the presidential suite is somewhat nicer.  The El Prado hotel has a few shops, restaurants etc. which may make it a better option for longer term stays.  The Pizza restaurant is reasonably priced but the pizza sucked.  That was my only bad meal in Colombia.


Barranquilla Plaza hotel

Cra. 51B No. 79-246 (Near El Prado hotel)

PH:356-0731 or 356-5876



Road between Barranquilla and Cartagena


I considered making the trip between Barranquilla and Cartagena at night.  Based on Alvaro’s recommendation I decided not to.  After making the trip there and back during the day I think Alvaro’s recommendation is a good one.  There isn’t much except foothills and brush for most of the trip and apparently few if any other cars travel the road at night.  If you had a breakdown I doubt any cars that did come along would risk stopping.  No reports of Guerrilla activity in the area but always the possibility of peasant Bandito’s setting up a roadblock or something.  There have been no reported problems on this stretch of road that I know about but just so you know, I am of the opinion that there may be a risk present at night.  There are 2 toll booths along the way costing $1.80 each for a total of $3.60 each way.  Alvaro charged $45 each way which included the tolls and police bribes.  There were numerous check points that randomly stopped cars and checked the drivers paperwork, cargo etc.   At one check point we were patted down and then I had all my bags searched.  At another checkpoint the “friendly” policia asked Alvaro if he had some change since it was hot and the police officer wanted to buy a soda (in the middle of nowhere).  That cost Alvaro $1.  Basically a bribe to prevent another search and paperwork check.  Welcome to Latin America. 



I had a reservation at the Las Velas hotel for $40 a night with no breakfast included.  At first I thought the Las Velas was a bit out of the way but as the week wore on I appreciated this more and more.  All room numbers ending in 04 and 05 have balconies facing the ocean.  Being on the beach with a balcony facing the ocean is a good value for $40 but there are a few things you need to know.  I did not have cable in my room so no CNN and no MTV.  After about 1am all the local stations went off the air.  You get two water temperatures.  Cool and cooler.  Not having a hot shower may be a big issue with some people but not me.   A cool shower is normal in this part of the world.  One chica actually complain that the cool water was too warm for a shower.  Many of the rooms only have two single beds so make sure to ask for a room with a double.  The staff where ok but kind of had this stunned look on their face all the time like “you mean you actually want me to do something for you”.   The old elevators had this weird habit of randomly stopping at various floors on their way up and down even though there was nobody there pressing the button. 


Basically, what you do get at the Las Velas is a hotel right on the beach with huge room and one hell of a view and that’s about it.  If you can’t get a room with a balcony and view then there is not really much reason to stay there.   I got the impression that the hotel was more than half empty.  Kind of suprising for November but I wasn’t complaining.




Other Cartagena Hotels


I spent about half a day looking at other hotel options for next time.    Almost every hotel including the Las Velas charged extra for registering as 2 people.  The Las Velas wanted $12.50 extra.  I had chica’s stay all night  with no extra charge.  The thing to do is just register as one person and take your chances.  Carry your room key with you so you don’t have to get it from the front desk at night with your guest.  The worst thing they can do is charge you for the extra person.  Peak season is Dec15-Jan20. Add about 20% to the following prices during that time.



Met a guy there for the marriage agencies who was staying at Almirante for $70 a night including breakfast.  The hotel looks quite new and the rooms are very nice although a bit small.  Nothing really special.  The location is great and apparently no chica charge.  This was the only place I found that claimed to not have a guest fee.  At $70 a night it’s still no bargain.


Hotel Flamingo

Ave. San Martin No. 5-85



I’ll likely stay there next time.   Met a guy that was staying there who had no complaints and no problems bringing in guests but they were probably conservatively dressed.  Might have a problem with street girls depending on how they are dressed.  I don’t know for sure because I never stayed there and never tried.    It has 31 rooms.  They are small but you get a double bed, cable tv, good clean bathroom, hot water, very quiet newer air conditioner and breakfast included for $27.50 a night.   In 2001 the rate goes up to $30.  They were the only hotel I looked into that was very up front about their rates.  They gave me a sheet that detailed everything.  No pool but direct rear access to the beach where you’ll find chairs and cabana’s available for all hotel guests at no charge.  The hotel is not a high rise.  It’s only 3 stories.  Most rooms face the side and not the street so no street noise.  The bar/restaurant is in a good location for people watching and all the staff seemed quite friendly.


El Dorado:

My impression is that you should avoid the El Dorado at all cost.  There were bus loads of Colombian families and students hanging around this place at all hours of the day and night.  You will get little privacy and it’s probably quite noisy.



They quoted $30 a night for 1 person.   The hotel and rooms are kind of run down and basic.  No cable.  The only thing good about this place is that they are only a couple of blocks away from Ave. San Martin yet in a relatively quiet area.


Hotel Sorrento:

The rooms are a bit basic but not as bad as Bahia.  Because it’s a high rise right on Ave San Martin it will be somewhat noisy.  They quoted me $37.50 which is way high for this place.  I read a recent post from someone that said they only paid $27.50 but had to negotiate that rate.



Spent half a day looking at apartment options as well.  I found a couple of good english speaking contacts that can help.  The guys names are Rafael Herrera and Alex Rocha who both work at the “A Foreign Affair” marriage agency (  They both speak excellent english and are really good guys.   Finding apartments for visitors is a sideline for them and not related to the foreign affair agency.  I talked quite a bit about what I was down there for and they had no problem with it.  Rafael Herrera’s e-mail address is: or you can contact him or Alex at the “A Foreign Affair” marriage agency office which is outside the lobby of Hotel Sorrento, Av. San Martin No. 5-52. Ph:665-5438, Cel:650-9451.   If you hang around the office you will see some very hot girls coming in looking for foreign husbands.   The pictures of many of the girls I saw in person in the agency just didn’t do them justice.If you are interested in something potentially more serious they can help you through the agency.


I saw maybe 10 different apartments.   All of the buildings were along the beach between the Las Velas Hotel and the Hilton.  They ranged in price from $30 for a 2 bedroom one bath one air above the Tropical Net internet café to $175 for a 3 bedroom 3 bath 3 air  with balcony facing the buildings own private beach and a pool you could jump into from your first floor balcony.  That building was right next to the Hilton.  Very very nice option for 3 guys.  Most all of the apartments were quite decent with a nice kitchen and cable tv.  Just tell Rafael or Alex exactly what you want and they’ll hook you up.   If you can speak Spanish you can try avoid the middleman and just walk along the street.  There will be signs in Spanish advertising apartments for rent.



I did not have a bad meal in Cartagena and hardly ever ate at the same place twice.  Food ranged from good to excellent.



Restaurante Riquisimo is excellent and not just for the budget minded.  It’s a basic little outdoor restaurant located near the Las Velas hotel on the way to the Hilton right next to the Tropical Net Internet café.  It was recommended to me by some locals and longer term visitors.   There is an open grill right next to the sidewalk with the uncooked grill dishes on display right next to it.  Don’t worry, they will bring out a fresh cut and grill it in front of you once you make your selection from the dishes on display.  The choices are chicken breast, steak, shish kebab’s, sausages and maybe one or two other things.  They also have standard beans, rice and chicken dishes which I never tried.  The portions are quite large and all come with a salad and fried potatoes.  A huge grilled chicken breast cost me $3.50.  The food is brought in fresh daily.  They were open from around noon till late evening.  My mouth is watering just thinking about that place.



There are Pizza places everywhere.   I ate at Pizza Faroah(sp?) on the corner of Ave San Martin and Calle 5.  A small Hawaiian(about 14”) cost  $6.  Very tasty.  Pizza Piccolo is a chain pizza place that is good for a quick cheap pasta or pizza.  It’s almost directly across from the Almirante which is the best location for people watching.  Spagetti with mushrooms and chicken in a light crème sauce topped with cheese cost $3.50.


El Carbon de Palo

In the Plaza Santo Domingo.  An added bonus is that you can take in the ambiance of the plaza on their balcony without being subjected to the touts.  You get 450grams of baby beef or Thick Tenderloin for $11.  Probably two of the best steaks I ever had.  Best time for dinner and people watching in the plaza with minimal traffic noise is after 8pm.



Also in Plaza Santo Domingo.  Good for seafood.  Steak was only so so (so I was told).  Try their made from scratch fish sticks.  Don’t know what they dipped the batter in but man was it tasty ($6).


La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)

If the car noise/fumes and touts of Plaza Santo Domingo start to get to you after a couple of nights try the much more relaxed and intimate Plaza San Diego (right next to the Hotel Santa Clara).  La Dolce Vita has excellent Pizza.  The restaurant next to La Dolce Vita had some band playing in it that was at just the right volume to echo nicely throughout the plaza.  I have NEVER heard spanish guitar playing sound so good and appropriate as it did in that square.  It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


Dany el Churrasco Argentino

In Bocagrande one block down from Ave. San Martin on Carrera 3A, No 2-104.  Apparently another great steak place.  Read a report from someone recommending the pollo ensalada so I tried it.  Not bad.  Don’t know what their steak is like.  This restaurant is air conditioned which is a big plus.  My only complaint is that it’s not very good for people watching.



Try La Palacio de las Frutas directly across from the Almirante hotel.  Scrambled eggs with ham, toast, jam, orange juice, coffee or hot chocolate for $2.50.



The Women

I’ve been to the DR several times and it was ok.  Been to Cuba (post crackdown) a couple of times and it’s pretty good.  Colombia is great.  The women are in my humble opinion(IMHO), on average, a notch above the women of Cuba in almost every way except maybe horizontal skills.  In that category I would say they are about equal but your mileage may vary(YMMV).  Based on my own observations I would say the ratio of Latinas and Mulatas compared to the darker girls is much higher in Colombia than the previous mentioned destinations.  Cartagena is known to have a darker population than many other areas of Colombia but many of the girls I meet were not from Cartagena.  They were from Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali, Bogota, Amazon region (yes there are Amazon women there), and Venezuela among other places.  They likely go to Cartagena to have fun, meet tourists, and maybe make a bit of money.  If you want to meet more darker girls I would suggest spending time in the non tourist areas such as the La Matuna area near the old city.


The action

I would say there are maybe 5 distinct options. 


1) First there is the street scene.   Saw most of those girls hanging around the Ave. San Martin and Calle 5 area starting around 9pm.  Some looked kinda cute but I didn’t like the vibe most of them were sending out and there were chulos hanging around.  Hard to know what you would be getting into.  The ones near the Las Velas hotel seemed a little more laid back and I remembered reading that gems could be found in that area but I never did partake.  Best times seemed to be between 10pm-1am.  


2) The second option is the Casa’s.  Went to Manilla house, Casa del Marino (Sailor house), and Casa de Navigando (?).  Navigando sucked,  Manilla house was not too bad, had some hot lookers at 11pm on a weekday and hardly anyone there.  The girls all kind of hung around and danced for us.  Some looked a bit bored and I’m sure would have been more than happy to have us take them out for the evening.  Casa del Marino had a few Colombian guys and us two gringos.  Looked like some decent talent around.  They have a large indoor bar with a big stage.  We asked to see a show but they said there were not enough customers yet.  We wanted to get a better look at the girls without having to invite them over but most of the girls just sat on the side of the stage, stared at us and smiled.  Again, these casa’s are not really my thing but a decent option if you don’t mind the fee to take out a girl and don’t mind risking a professional attitude.  As I understand it, all the Casa girls are required to have regular STD checks.





3) The Third option is the disco’s.  Never did make it to Mr Babilla’s on calle del Arsenal or any of the others in that area.  As I understand it, not too many freelancers there anyway.   Never made it to Noches de Amercian in Bocagrande either.  The concensus seems to be that it’s a clip joint anyways so not worth the time unless you show up just before closing.  La Escollera in Bocagrande was kinda dead every night I checked it out.  Apparently it’s not bad on weekends but lot’s of street girls around so hard to say what you may find there.  Then there is La Dolce Vita.  That place is in a category unto itself.  No cover charge, reasonable prices for drinks and no charge to take out a girl.  The music is kinda loud like any other disco but it keeps the girls from getting bored and you get to have a good look at them as they dance around and have a good time. As far as I can tell La Dolce Vita is just a standard disco but with two very important differences.  All the girls are pre-screened and they all come alone looking for tourists.  Also had a couple girls indicate they required regular STD.   The girls I met there had great looks, great personality, and were great company.  There was never any mention of money or any other kind of negotiations.  A girlfriend experience from start to finish or at least the illusion of it.   One girl gave me hell when I left $50 next to her purse the next morning as she was getting ready to leave my room.  I think she would have preferred if I presented it as a gift or just stuffed it in her purse when she wasn’t looking.  Of course she accepted and put it in her purse but never counted how much was there.  


My hot Spanish phrase book was very popular.  I wish I had an extra copy to give her



Everyone who is planning to spend the night raise their hand.


With the next girl I was a little wiser and stuffed the money in her purse the next morning when she wasn’t looking.   She found it but again, never counted it.   I had heard how long time in Colombia is looooong time and I have to agree.  Even after all services rendered and payments made the girls would hang out and horse around with me for some time before leaving and it was usually because I was getting ready to head out as well.


So what do you want to do now?






4) The fourth option is the beach.   I found Tony the beach chair guy, or rather he found me and the rest is history.  He wasn’t as big a pain in the ass as I was led to believe he was.  In fact I kinda liked the guy.  He’s just out to make a buck like everyone else there and if I can get introduced to several bikini clad women with very little effort on my part then it’s money well spent.   You may end up meeting street girls, casa girls, Dolce Vita girls, regular girls and even tourist girls.  Anything is possible.  You will get a good look at them and the beach is a great environment to sit around and get to know them a bit.  Point out what you like and Tony will do everything else.  On a Sunday I met some great girls this way.


Tony being attacked by a giant chica


Me Gusto Mucho!






There were not many people on the beach during the weekday and it often looked like there was no possibility of any decent prospects.  As the week wore on things got progressively better.


Oral fixation is always a good sign



She was a bit self conscious about her breasts.  I thought they were just fine.


5) The fifth and potentially best option is of course the regular girls.  You can find these at the marriage agencies, in the plaza’s, stores, restaurants, everywhere.  I got the impression that it is easier there to meet regular girls then any other country I have been to.   Spanish skills are advantageous but not absolutely necessary.  If we saw something we liked we would do a short not too loud and not too quiet psssssssssssst directed at the intended target and lasting about 1 second.  Too loud and long is overly aggressive, too soft and short is not assertive enough.   Try practicing on the street girls at first.   If done just right, she will be the only one that hears it.  It sends a clear message that you like what you see.  Just relax and observe her reaction.  If she’s interested believe me she will find a way to let you know.  If you are an obvious gringo chances are she will be at least a little curious.   They have a demure very easy going way about them in these matters that is a joy to watch. 



Doing her impression of a Colombian beer commercial


Odds and ends and closing thoughts


The following picture is of my beach chair guy, Tony.  He hangs around in front of the Las Velas Hotel and will be very happy to get you chairs, drinks, and chica’s.  I met some great girls on the beach this way.  Just point out what you like and he will do the rest.  Even if it looks like the girls are just tourists he will still approach them and inquire if they would be interested to come and talk to you.  The worst they can do is say no and it takes no effort on your part.  Just buy Tony a drink every once in awhile and tip him a couple of bucks when you leave.  Your total cost to him for a whole day probably won’t  be any more than $10 tops.

The touts are a pain.  Try making up a couple signs that say “No Gracias” to take with you to the beach and the plaza’s.  Another thing to say is “tengo uno”.  If they will not leave you alone then saying “nunca” should get the point across.


If you choose to go to Isla de Rosario try and take a speed boat.  It apparently only cost a few dollars more and I was told it will get you there in 1 hour as opposed to 2.5 hours on the regular boats.


For checking e-mail try “The Coffee Bean Shop” right next to the Almirante Hotel.  It’s a very nice Starbucks type coffee place.  While your waiting for your hotmail to load you can sip yuppy coffee, listen to the easy listening top 40 tunes and watch people walk by.


Most of the girls I met were very easy going.  The vibe I got over and over was that they were available and if I was interested then that was great.   If not well that’s ok too.  Never had any problems with them trying to steal my shit.  No problems with them trying to squeeze money or drinks or gifts or anything else out of me (except… well you knowJ).  Best of all there were no head games.  The bullshit factor was very very low.  They stayed when I wanted them to stay and they left when I wanted them to leave.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.



Cartagena has great sunsets.  Every evening I would try to be somewhere where I could watch.    Whether it was the balcony of my hotel, walking on the beach or on the wall of the old city.  I liked Cartagena a lot.




The End


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